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Don’t underestimate the peach tree winter shears
There are 3 flower buds growing in the autumn of peach trees in the garden.
Multiple forms of peach seedling grafting - Yingshuang red peach seedlings
Jiangweiyuan peach blossoms in the Bailu season - Yinghuang red peach seedlings
Wangzhuang, a white peach village in Qiaolou Township, Ningling County, has a good harvest < /a>
In recent days, Guizhou customers inspected and ordered the red peach seedlings
Zhejiang customers come to visit and order the red peach seedlings
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How to prevent iron yellow leaf disease in red peach trees
How much is the frost red peach seedling
Peach tree yellowing prevention and treatment needs the right medicine - Yingshuang red peach seedlings
Yingshuang Hongtao settled in Wenxi, Taoyuan
Growing thousands of peach saplings in Hubei to "dress up" help village
Yingshuang Red Peach Tree Fertilization should seize the opportunity
Yingshuang Hongtao won the Chinese food culture boutique
The six characteristics of the frosting peaches
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How to make the peach tree grow better
Peach Tree Summer Topping Method
Common cultivation methods for the red peach seedlings
How to breed high quality peach seedlings
What issues do you need to pay attention to when planting peach seedlings
How do you prevent pests and diseases
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Yingshuanghong, Yingshuang Red Peach Seedlings, Yingshuang Red Peach Saplings--Shandong Qingzhou Green Ran Planting, is the country"s largest base of frosting red peaches, self-cultivation. Qingzhou Luran Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative is a national professional research, planting, cultivating, and improving the sales of finished peach transportation and sales of Yingshuang red peach seedlings. It is located in Xiaoyin Village, the only source of red frost in the country. Cooperating with Shandong Fruit Research Institute and Shandong Agricultural University Linguo Research Branch, it is the branch of Qingzhou Youth Entrepreneurship Center. Mr. Li, the founder of the Society, is the first person to plant the radiant red peach in the country! Mature and rich experience in planting technology management. In the Yinghuanghong industry has an unshakable voice! Let you give up all your worries here! The second cooperative is the largest planting base for the finished peach tree in the country. More than 2,000 trees are over four years old. The annual output value has exceeded 200 million in 2013, and 200 mu of modern agricultural development demonstration park (in Shaozhuang Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park) is under construction. It is specially used for cultivating the development of Yingshuang red peach seedlings, finished peach storage, sales and deep processing. The company provides more than 50 million authentic red peach seedlings and more than 300,000 kilograms of commercial peaches. The three cooperatives are formal legal entities with a registered capital of 6 million and a strong strength. Equipped with complete technical guidance, mature cultivation techniques and rich comprehensive management experience. We welcome the nation"s ambition to develop and research farmers" friends who have become rich in new economic cooperation to visit, guide and conduct technical exchanges! All staff of the company warmly and sincerely hope that everyone will come to be a guest! The Society will provide complete accommodation for friends who really cooperate!

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Qingzhou Luran Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative

  Name: Manager Zhang

  Mobile: 13853632002

  Phone: 0536-3873626

  Address: Xiaoyin Village, Tanfang Town, Qingzhou City

  Email: qzlrny@126.com

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